Custom Hardwood Decks and Railings

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Custom Ipe Deck and Cable Railing by SD Independent Construction

Ipe hardwood has become a staple as a durable building material for exterior construction projects. Despite the advances in decking technology and the constant evolution of composites and pvc products, there is still something warm and inviting about a wooden deck. The clean lines and color variation provided by Ipe hardwood cannot be duplicated or manufactured. Every piece is different, and the most popular synthetic products are still trying to look like??? You guessed it..Ipe…

Ipe hardwood is nearly impervious to rot and insects, and can be sealed or left to weather naturally. By the beach we like to combine Ipe timbers with stainless steel cable for a durable and beautiful railing combination that will last a lifetime. Ipe posts and dimensional timbers can be utilized for fencing or railings. The build can be challenging but the results are well worth the effort.






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