Popular and cost effective; wooden decks are a great addition to any landscape. Redwood is the most popular and well known wooden deck option to date, famous for it’s natural resistance to rot, termites, and decay. This comes from naturally occurring acids inside the timbers called “tannins”. Other options for wooden decks include Cedar, and Douglas Fir, or pressure treated Douglas fir. The lifespan of a wood deck outdoors is approximated at 15 years, and can be constructed for 1/2 to 2/3 of the cost of a composite or hardwood alternative. We also construct wooden fences, gates, seating, planters, ¬†and specialty projects for a wide variety of outdoor applications.
Redwood is grown and harvested with sustained logging practices; and just like our hardwood projects, we hand select all timbers with beauty and strength
in mind. All of our wooden decking projects begin in our wood shop; where we prep sand and seal the wood prior to installation. Painting is also an option for certain wood decking applications. The following are examples of wooden decks and specialty projects:


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