Composite Decks


A large majority of our decking projects are done with pvc and composite decking materials. PVC decking has become a popular choice for an extremely low maintenance alternative to wood decking. Over the past few years composite companies have done extensive research and development to refine their products, making them look and feel more like wood. In recent years the leading manufacturers have designed products to mimic hardwoods like Ipe and Teak. Many carry warranties of 20 years or more; some of which now include scratching and fading. At SD Independent Construction we have made it a priority to research and attend presentations and events within the composite decking industry. We perform ongoing research and development, product testing, and participate in trainings related to composite decks and railings. Our ownership has visited several decking and lumber production facilities where composites are manufactured to ensure the selection of the best products for our installations. Some of our most popular synthetic decking materials are Timbertech and Trex decking. As a company we have performed 100s of composite deck installations since 2003. Periodically we visit past installations to study these products after years of weathering. We examine the fastening systems, colors, and product types. We have designed composite decking and railing systems to facilitate glass railing installations, trellis, fencing, cable railings, seating, planters, poolside decks, spa surrounds and more. The following photographs are examples of composite decking installations.  

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